Game Racing Fever: Moto
Publisher Gameguru
Genre Racing
Size 112M
Latest Version 1.80.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update March 11, 2020 (1 year ago)

In modern times, the means of transportation have become so popular that everyone knows how to drive a vehicle. We have the most popular means of transportation such as cars, bicycles or motorbikes. Typically people only control the vehicle within the speed limits permitted by law. But if there is a chance, then surely one would always want to try his hand at normal speed. So there are so many races that have been organized around the world to satisfy a lot of Mexicans. For those who can not participate in these races, they can play games on either a computer or a phone. Racing Fever: Moto is a favorite mobile gaming game thanks to its innovative and differentiated gameplay, giving players a more immersive experience than the other genres. With over 10 million downloads on Google Play. Even more popular on other download sites, this product is one of the most successful racing games of the Gameguru publisher.

Gameguru also owns a series of games with the same theme with different vehicles. As a speed enthusiast, you can go to the download page of the manufacturer to see it. Its racing version has even reached 50 million downloads. Apparently, the number of players is five times as many as the motorcycle version. That proves that these games are worth the test, and show their reputation in the market today. The variety of vehicles in the game also gives it a much more attractive appearance. Players will be surprised about the pre-designed motorcycle.

Build your dream car and race

As a beginner, you will have an essential car with all the usual stats and speed that is not as agile as cars can buy. But there will be up to 16 types of large displacement motorcycles with different upgrades to take advantage of the race. You do not mind 16 cars are a small amount. Because players can bring it to the store to change colors, even change the style and can upgrade the system performance. Parts used in the car can also be fitted with new parts. Almost as soon as you change, you will not be able to recognize the old car anymore, and now it has become your own.

During the race car will encounter many difficulties as well as the challenges that manufacturers have set up. But in the Custom battles, you have the power to change and adjust the time, traffic density, and set up the police on your own. You just have to open the game’s built-in system to accommodate everything. Challenges become more difficult, the feeling of winning that you also achieve much happier. In addition, you can control the camera in 4 different angles to easily view the panorama. Thanks to that, players can capture the situation faster, and the race takes place more easily. In addition, if you participate in competitions with different locations and weather will also bring incredible feelings. Sometimes you can slow down to look at the beautiful natural scenery. With simple controls built into the phone’s sensor, players just need to lean a bit to change the viewing angle.


Landscape construction as in real life. We will be very lively with the high buildings surrounding the road or the place where the snow covered white clouds cover the road. Not only that, but mountainous terrain has also been scattered throughout the race. With night races, street lights and traffic lights are indispensable to make it easier to see. On the road, each car will have each type of color to create harmony in the race.