Game Ragnarok Tactics

Game Ragnarok Tactics
Publisher Gravity Game Tech
Genre RPG
Size 400M
Latest Version 3.1.1
MOD Info High Damage/Defense
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Update September 26, 2020 (6 months ago)

Today, it is not difficult for gamers to find a game of the genre of Strategy RPGs because the game industry has made many significant developments in technology. As a result, most games in this category have been upgraded in both content and graphics, giving gamers an enjoyable experience during the game experience. And of course, for the Strategy RPGs industry to grow as it is now, game makers had to customize and improve their games based on hit games in the early days. And if you have never experienced the game I mentioned in this article, then you should definitely include it in your list of the best games to play.

This game is called Ragnarok Tactics – an online game that used to be very popular on the PC platform of publisher “Gravity”, and now it has plans to release on mobile. With an attractive strategy game with a blend of RPG, the game promises to bring you the best moments of a cult game for a while.


If you have not learned through this game, “Ragnarok Tactics” is set in the context of the war of two different imperial factions: the Branshaldo Empire and the Republic of Aura. Initially, the character that the player uses will be named Rito, and you can completely change the character name to your liking right from entering the game. In the midst of this chaotic war, Rito had to choose between 3 different options. The first choice is to fight for the Branshaldo Empire, the next choice is to join the Aura Republic, and the last option is to leave this war on its own and decide for the future ahead.

The reason this character has three options is that he was the best mercenary of the time. Because of Rito’s exceptional talent and strength, these two great nations always want him to be a useful assistant to be able to win on every battlefield. However, the war situation of these two opposites was too tense. Just because the goal is to own land called the Grantria peninsula, these two opposing sides have fought for many years and suffered many losses. An armistice was made. And from here, with every choice the player makes for the character, the percentage of bringing peace to everyone will change. You can choose between making things better, or making the war worse.


The core game of the game is unique and attractive

As I introduced, “Ragnarok Tactics” is one of the games that combines engaging RPG gameplay and fighting style tactic. Basically, the game will not be a traditional role-playing game, where characters are free to explore new worlds. Instead, gamers will be able to choose three different national factions. Depending on the player’s choice, the game ends in five different ways. And of course, during the experience of the game, players can still change a little bit about their options so that the game’s storyline goes in a different direction. Specifically, five different situations will occur in this game. Switching between options to change the storyline is possible. However, sticking to an original storyline will give you a more stimulating and clear experience of the story.

The combat system is improved and optimized for the mobile platform

Support in the battle process of Rito is a powerful system of secondary characters. Depending on which path you choose, the characters who fight with you will also change. Besides, the game even gives gamers an interactive system with really unique characters. Not only does the character interact, but the game also displays the relationship and interaction index between the main character and the other characters in the group. All are clearly shown in “Ragnarok Tactics”. The fighting mechanism of the game is also relatively simple. You can completely get to know them quickly through some basic instructions introduced at the beginning of the game.


Although Ragnarok Tactics is an SRPG game that has been released for quite some time, the graphics in this game still have many attractive points. The first highlight of this game comes from the character design. Because the characters in the game are designed in an adorable Chibi style. The small details in the game are meticulous and complete. Colors in the game are quite bright, the contrast and color saturation are all expressed in good quality. It can be said, “Ragnarok Tactics” is an SRPG game that you are most looking forward to.


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