Homemade brown sugar, you can make it with glutinous rice flour at home, it is soft and glutinous, it can be pulled continuously, and it is not hard to put

Homemade brown sugar can be made with glutinous rice flour at home. It is soft and glutinous, and it can be pulled continuously without being hard. I still remember the brown sugar that I ate when I was a child. It is very fragrant to chew, and the Q-bomb is strong. You can eat it for a long time. It is very chewy but also sticky to your teeth. After eating, a lot of candy will stick to your teeth. At that time When I was still young, I just used my fingers to pick out the brown sugar sticking to my teeth. I always complained that the brown sugar sticks to my teeth, but I couldn’t resist the temptation and couldn’t help reaching out to eat it.

When we were children, a piece of sweet candy could make us instinctively happy, but now that we grow up, the trivial things in life may make us burn out, and the childhood “happiness only needs a piece of candy” seems to gradually fade away. It disappeared without a trace, and we haven’t been happy because of a candy for a long time. Do you want to pick up this simple little beauty again? Today we are going to make brown sugar.

Prepare ingredients:

White sesame, glutinous rice flour, tapioca starch, water, sugar, maltose, corn oil

specific methods:

1. Before making sugar, let’s stir-fry the sesame seeds, and keep the fire low until the aroma comes out and the color turns deep. Our sesame seeds are fried.

2. At this time, prepare 100g of glutinous rice flour, 40g of tapioca starch, pour 200g of water, and finally make a very fine paste with the same color.

3. Prepare another small milk pot, put 100g of white sugar, 200g of maltose, add 300g of water, boil it and turn to low heat, turn to low heat and cook for about 20 minutes until it becomes very viscous OK.

4. Then we pour in the flour slurry just a few times a few times, and continue to boil until it becomes very viscous. We add 40g of corn oil in three times, and continue to fry until the dough absorbs the oil, and the dough is not easy to fall off. It’s ready to serve.

5. Spread the fried sesame seeds on top, then pour the dough to coat it evenly with white sesame seeds, and wait for 20 minutes to cool.

6. Now that the brown sugar has cooled down, let’s cut it.

7. Stir-fried sesame seeds are served with sugar, which is really delicious after one bite. Even after a few days, it is still in the state of Q bomb, and the more you chew, the more delicious it is


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