The old godmother that the Chinese have eaten for decades was tested by the Germans: I didn’t expect it to be

Summer is coming, and many people will experience loss of appetite during this season. Because the hot weather makes the body weak, I feel very sleepy. So for three meals a day, many people are looking for bibimbap sauce that can be served with rice. Speaking of bibimbap sauce, we will think of the favorite of the Chinese people-Laoganma. This hot sauce has been with us for decades, and its taste has completely taken over our taste buds.

Laoganma Hot Sauce is not only very famous in China, but through unremitting efforts, it has been successfully sold abroad and has become a luxury item abroad, and has also been praised by many foreigners. The old godmother that the Chinese have eaten for decades was tested by the Germans: I didn’t expect it to be like this! For the spicy and refreshing taste of Laoganma, I believe that many people who don’t like sauces can’t resist the temptation, even foreigners are no exception. However, foreigners have very high food hygiene requirements, and the inspection of imported food is very strict.

When Laoganma is exported to foreign countries, many countries have tested Laoganma. Especially for the Germans, they will only be put on the shelves if they pass the test. Although they like Laoganma very much, they also need to be tested. When the Germans got the test results, they said that Laoganma really didn’t expect this to happen! The test results are fully qualified. In fact, we can also imagine that since Laoganma can be sold abroad, it proves that there must be no problem in quality.

In fact, Laoganma has almost filled our lives now. For office workers, if they have no appetite in summer, they can carry a bottle of Laoganma with them, and they can dig two spoonfuls at noon. One is to adjust one’s own taste and increase appetite; second, Laoganma is no longer the pure chili sauce like before, only fermented soy sauce, now not only can seasoning, but also add various diced meat in it, such as fish cubes, Chicken nuggets, etc., taste rich and dry.

In addition, for friends who travel to foreign countries on business trips and live in other places for a long time, it is inevitable that they will miss the taste of their hometown very much, especially those who love spicy food. At this time, you might as well prepare a few bottles of Laoganma in advance, and take two spoonfuls when you are hungry. In addition, as a person who has experienced it, I suggest that all student parties prepare a few bottles before the start of school, especially boarding students. School meals have always been poor, and that is acknowledged. But I have to eat, so bring a few bottles of Laoganma bibimbap sauce, which can also prevent the food from not keeping up with the nutritional needs during military training. It is also very good to add a spoonful of Laoganma to instant noodles in the dormitory at night.

So, to sum up, for many people, Laoganma is a versatile “artifact” for meals, and it can solve your three meals a day problem. Friends who like spicy food act quickly!



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