How to make chicken soup?

①: First clean the native chicken and chop it into pieces.

②: Clean the old ginger, scallions, shallots, and wolfberry. Cut the old ginger into large slices, cut the shallots into sections, and cut the shallots into chopped green onions. Scrape off the skin of the yam, wash it, and cut it into large pieces.

③: Add water to the pot, put the chicken pieces into the pot, put a lot of dried red peppercorns, scallions, ginger slices, and a proper amount of cooking wine, and cook on high heat. After the blood is boiled, there will be black floating foam on the water surface in the pot. , Remove the chicken pieces with a slotted spoon, rinse and strain to remove any water.

④: Start the pot again, put in an appropriate amount of vegetable oil to moisten the pot, pour the chicken pieces into the pot and fry, fry the moisture on the surface of the chicken pieces, and fry a faint chicken fragrance.

⑤: One casserole, add appropriate amount of water, put a few large slices of old ginger, put the fried chicken pieces into the casserole, put wolfberry and simmer for 1 hour, stew the chicken until soft, then put the yam pieces Pour into the pot and simmer for about 15 minutes.

⑥: Add a teaspoon of salt and an appropriate amount of chopped green onion, put it in a large bowl and serve.

A large bowl of fragrant, delicious and delicious stewed chicken soup is ready. When many people stew chicken soup, like me, they like to blanch the chicken and stew it directly in the pot. When my aunt was making it, she would fry the blanched chicken pieces with a little vegetable oil. The stewed chicken soup was too delicious. Not only was the soup rich in flavor and delicious, but the chicken was also very tender and delicious. In addition to this key skill, what other key skills are used in stewing chicken soup? Let’s summarize together.

[Summary of practice skills]

1. When cleaning chicken, it is worth noting one point. Because chickens live on land and do not go into water, there will be a layer of dirt on the chicken skin, which needs to be scrubbed to wash it off, so that the washed chicken is clean. In addition, if you stew chicken soup, chop it into a little bit larger pieces. The chicken pieces are too small, and it is easy to stew and rot. Only the chicken bones are seen, and the chicken is stewed and scattered into the soup.

2. Although the fishy smell of the chicken is not very heavy, you should also pay attention to cleaning it, especially the blood inside must be boiled out. It can be rinsed with water after being out of the pot.

3. I just said that Jiuniang likes to fry the chicken once. The purpose of this is to fry the residual water from washing the chicken, and then fry the too greasy part of the chicken, so that the stewed chicken will not be too oily. greasy. Because we are frying in the pot, the chicken is fished out when the soup is stewed, and it will not bring too much vegetable oil. Therefore, when frying chicken, don’t put too much vegetable oil, as long as it can moisten the bottom of the pot.

4. When we stew chicken soup in Sichuan, there is a key seasoning ingredient, ginger, which can not only remove the fishy smell, but also increase the fresh fragrance of the soup, making it taste better.


In the past, when I stewed chicken soup, because I didn’t fry it like my aunt did, I always felt that it was lacking in taste. And every time the chicken soup stewed is either too greasy or too bland, it’s hard to control at all. Since I went to my aunt’s house to learn this little trick, the stewed chicken soup is so delicious that everyone in my family says it’s much better than before. It’s really a little trick, changing a pot of soup, it’s wonderful.



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