VietNam: 6 academic scandals: Ngoc Chau controversial, Tieu Vy revealed transcripts

Ngoc Chau

Recently, Miss Ngoc Chau became the focus of attention when the social network spread an image that was said to be a list of undergrads and overdue students of Ton Duc Thang University (HCMC), in which has information about the name, student code and major of Tay Ninh beauty.

The question that Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 does not have a university degree causes fans to argue with many conflicting views. Fans said that Ngoc Chau never admitted that she had graduated from university, but only said that she was studying at Ton Duc Thang University. Therefore, fans can’t say that Ngoc Chau “falsified” his education.

Although the incident has not been confirmed, these doubts have also significantly affected Ngoc Chau’s image. Reporter Dan Tri contacted Ngoc Chau’s management company, but the queen said that there will be an official announcement to the audience as soon as possible.

Kim Duyen

Runner-up Kim Duyen is one of the Vietnamese representatives with high achievements in the international beauty arena. However, the beauty also encountered a lot of noise about her education level for a long time.

In September 2021, Kim Duyen was accused of revealing “flat” transcripts, owing 43 credits at Southern Can Tho University. At that time, the beauty said that the story of 43 credits with 0 points was true, but it was because she reserved the results to study in Singapore.

By 2022, the social network continued to stir the information that Kim Duyen was forced to quit studying at Southern Can Tho University, not as reserved as what she shared before.

In an event, when asked about the question of being expelled, the 2022 Super Nation runner-up refused to answer. “I used to share the incident on the media. The school side also spoke up. If people really love me and really understand me, they will know this. As for the side information that is not true, I think. people don’t care too much,” Kim Duyen said.

Tieu Vy

Tieu Vy was born in 2000 as Miss Vietnam 2018. After being crowned, the high school graduation exam scoreboard of beautiful people from Quang Nam was shared throughout social networks. In which, the queen disappointed when the subjects of Literature, Physics, Chemistry… were all below 5 points.

After much controversy, the Organizing Committee confirmed that Tieu Vy’s test scores were “not as expected” despite being eligible for graduation. However, the Miss Vietnam side and the jury still positively evaluated the learning effort of the queen.

Tieu Vy then also said that she will constantly improve and practice to improve herself. In October 2022, the beauty received a diploma in Business Administration from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education.

Dang Thu Thao

Miss Vietnam 2012 Dang Thu Thao was also entangled in academic noise in the past. At the time of the beauty contest, she was introduced by the Organizing Committee as a student of Finance – Accounting at Tay Do University (Can Tho).

After the finale, social networks spread the news that the queen was only an intermediate student. Although the school explained that Dang Thu Thao had finished the intermediate process and transferred to college, the beauty was still known as “badly educated”.

Aware of her own shortcomings, Dang Thu Thao tried her best to study. She moved to Ho Chi Minh City and enrolled in a full-time college of HUTECH University. After a while, she studied Business Administration under the international associate program and received her bachelor’s degree in 2017.

Thuy Dung

After being crowned Miss Vietnam 2008, Thuy Dung was “unmasked” using fake academic records and not graduating from high school. The school side confirmed that the queen only studied in grades 10 and 11, dropped out from the middle of the first semester of grade 12. Thuy Dung’s academic performance in 2 years of 10th and 11th grade was also average. 

This is considered the most noisy academic scandal in the history of Vietnamese beauty. Thuy Dung faced fierce opposition from the audience. Many people asked the Organizing Committee to remove the crown because they thought she was not worthy. After that, the queen decided to return to complete the study program, passing the high school graduation exam with 33 points. Over the years, the beauty has lived a secretive life, almost no showbiz activities.

Diem Huong

Miss Vietnam World 2010 – Dang Thi Diem Huong – is also one of the controversies about her education level. When taking the exam, she introduced herself as an undergraduate student at Hoa Sen University, but in reality she only attended college.

After that, Diem Huong’s “bad” scoreboard was also posted online, shocking the audience when there were 7 subjects that received 0 points, many subjects got C. Huong only scored 1.52 (point scale 4). Before the controversy, Diem Huong said that the cause of poor schooling was… had health problems. 



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