I will not miss this dish when I encounter it. 20 eggs and 25 cups of milk. Eat more in season in summer

When I meet it in summer, I buy seven or eight catties every time, the nutrition is equivalent to 20 eggs and 25 cups of milk

Sometimes the food we eat has many names like people. For example, a kind of bean that is popular in summer can be called plum bean or pouch bean. Some people call it “dampness-dispelling bean”. I don’t know What is everyone calling it. Every time I encounter this kind of beans in summer, I will buy seven or eight catties and cook them at home. Whether it is soup or stewed meat, they are very nutritious, equivalent to 20 eggs and 25 cups of milk.

Many people may not know much about this bean, because its origin is not in China, but in the Americas, and it can be widely cultivated in temperate regions of the world. Today, it is cultivated in Northeast China, North China and Southwest China. This is why many places have different names for it. The reason why poached beans are admired by many people is that in addition to its unique taste, its nutritional value is also one of the main reasons. Let’s take 100 grams of poached beans as an example.

After research, it is found that in 100 grams of poached beans, the protein content is 17.3%-18.1%, vitamin B has 10.56 grams, and the calcium element that people are more concerned about has reached an astonishing 139 mg. Poached beans are a typical high-starch High-protein, fat-free health food. Eating poached beans often is just right for those who want to lose weight. Today I will bring you a delicious side dish, meaty and damp bean. I will not let go of this dish when I come across it. 1 catty is equal to 20 eggs and 25 cups of milk. Eat more in season in summer. And the price is quite affordable, you can buy a catty for 2 yuan, let’s try it together!

【Meat-flavored dampness-dispelling beans】

Ingredients: 1 handful of dampness-removing beans, 100 grams of pork tenderloin, 2 cloves of garlic, peeled and minced, vegetable oil, salt, soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar

Cooking methods:

1. Rinse the dampness-removing beans, remove the old fascia, rinse them repeatedly, then put them on a chopping board, cut them into evenly sized filaments, so that they will cook faster.

2. Pour an appropriate amount of water into the pot, turn on high heat and boil it, then add a little salt, put the cut dampness-removing beans in, fry until the color becomes dark, remove and control the water.

3. Find a clean plate and put the drained dehumidified beans in it. When blanching, don’t leave it for too long, otherwise it will easily cause the loss of nutrients.

4. Put the oil in another pan, and when it is 70% hot, put the cut pork tenderloin into it and stir-fry, add minced garlic and stir-fry, add a little salt when frying to make it tasty.

5. Pour in the dampness-removing beans we prepared and stir-fry, stir-fry continuously with high heat throughout the whole process, then start seasoning, add salt, light soy sauce, and oyster sauce and stir-fry well.

6. Finally, add a little sugar to enhance the freshness, and a simple and delicious meat-flavored dampness-removing bean is completed. It is delicious and delicious.

Food engraving tip:

Pouch beans are also called dampness-removing beans. It is both a vegetable and a medicine. When eating, you can blanch it in small water, or remove the fascia and cut it into filaments to fry


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