In Beijing, a woman’s father bought a persimmon tree at the market. He never expected that the persimmons would be

Recently, in Beijing, the father of a woman bought a persimmon tree at a market. To her surprise, the persimmons produced were black and tasted sweeter than ordinary persimmons. Netizens said they made a lot of money.

It turned out that the woman’s father bought a persimmon tree at the market, and then planted it in front of the house. Persimmons are not the same color, this one is black.

Some persimmons are still yellow, but they turn black when they mature.

Netizens are talking about it. Some netizens said that if the leaves were not green, I thought it was frozen persimmon. But a knowledgeable netizen said that your father would really buy it. This persimmon is very expensive and has red silk inside.

Some netizens asked: Is it delicious? The woman replied that it was delicious and sweeter than ordinary persimmons.

Some netizens also said: People in the mountains call it black dates, that is, small persimmons (wild ones).

Another netizen said: We have a lot of them here. We call them chocolate persimmons. I grafted one myself. The fruit is green at first, then black and yellow. pieces.

Netizen: Now everyone is advocating black food, as long as it is black, it is rich in artemisinin, black wolfberry, purple cabbage, eggplant, etc. I have eaten black soft dates before, but I didn’t expect there to be black persimmons

Netizen: He is so lucky! The black persimmons I bought turned out red, and they were pitted.

A netizen said: Generally speaking, the color of ripe persimmons is orange or red, and because of the different types of persimmons, the color after ripening is also different. It depends on the variety of persimmons, but most persimmons are indeed It is orange or red, and most of the persimmons sold in the market are red.

This kind of black persimmon is really like what netizens said, if you don’t see the green leaves, you may think it’s a frozen persimmon, and the types of persimmons include soft persimmons, crisp persimmons, and wild persimmons, and black persimmons may not be seen by anyone. There are not many. The first three kinds of persimmons have similar colors, but the black persimmons are different from these three kinds of persimmons. They are black when ripe.

Moreover, the price of this kind of persimmon is high, and there are not many distributions of this kind of persimmon in China, and it tends to grow in tropical areas. In moist broad-leaved mixed forests. Distribution in Vietnam and Philippines. The wood is gray-black, hard and heavy, with a fine structure and is quite resistant to decay. It can be used for construction, mechanical appliances and furniture.

Some netizens said that this is black date, but looking at the fruit, it is different from black date. Black date is a persimmon, which is also called soft date and wild persimmon.

Prune jujube is a yellow fruit at the beginning, it looks like a persimmon when hung on a tree, and its ripening season is similar to that of a persimmon, but it is not edible like a persimmon, it needs to be naturally dehydrated and turns black before eating.

The taste of black dates is very similar to that of persimmons. Black dates also have very high nutrition. Black dates contain protein, sugar, multivitamins and trace elements, which can nourish the kidney and stomach, delay aging and enhance the vitality of the body.

Therefore, the persimmons in the video shared by this woman are either black dates or black persimmons, which usually ripen in October or November. They taste sweeter than ordinary persimmons, and they are also yellow inside.



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