It turns out that in addition to eating salted duck eggs directly, they can also be made into so many delicacies, which are delicious

When it comes to salted duck eggs, everyone is very familiar with it, and in our lives, many people also like to eat salted duck eggs, and many people also make some salted duck eggs at home. Duck eggs are eaten, and at breakfast, people will prepare a salted duck egg, and then eat it with a bowl of porridge, which is really delicious. When people usually eat salted duck eggs, they usually eat them directly. In fact, salted duck eggs can be made into a lot of delicacies besides eating them directly. Today I will share with you some delicacies made from salted duck eggs. It’s delicious.

Baked pumpkin sticks with salted egg yolk.

Salted Egg Yolk Shrimp Tofu.

Prepare some fresh shrimp, and then clean the shrimp. After cleaning, we remove the shrimp head, shrimp shell and shrimp thread, and then we put the removed shrimp sticks in a pot and fry them to make Shrimp oil, after Xiayou boils it, you can take out the shrimp head, then put the prepared salted egg yolk in the pot and stir fry, then add some boiling water, wait until the water boils and prepare a piece of tofu, then Cut the tofu into small pieces and stew in the pot. When the tofu is almost cooked, you can put the shrimp in the pot. After the summer is cooked, add an appropriate amount of light soy sauce for seasoning, and then add Thicken with some water starch, and the juice can be taken out of the pot.

Fried potato shreds with salted egg yolk.

Prepare some potatoes, then wash the potatoes, peel them, cut them into shreds, and rinse them twice in clean water. This will also wash away the starch in the potatoes. After the starch in the potatoes is rinsed, put Take out the potato shreds to control the moisture, then crush the prepared salted duck eggs into fine powder with a spoon, prepare some shredded red peppers, prepare some shallots and cut them into chopped green onions, then prepare a pot and add some cooking oil to the pot After pouring the oil and heating it up, pour the salted duck egg yolk into the pan and stir-fry, then add an appropriate amount of pepper, and then wait until the salted egg yolk is fried and the bubbles are bulging, then you can put the potato shreds, red pepper shreds and a small pot Put it in the pot and stir fry until the potato shreds are evenly fried, and you can take it out of the pan after frying.



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