When boiling prawns: Some people put ginger and others put vinegar, the chef: everything is wrong, I will teach you how to do it correctly

Shrimp is one of the most common foods in our daily life! Shrimp meat is not only chewy and refreshing, but also rich in nutrition, especially rich in vitamins, minerals and various trace elements. The key is that shrimp meat is delicious, nutritious and easy to digest and absorb.

But many friends asked: Why is the shrimp I made at home not as refreshing, nor as sweet and delicious as you described! Not only that, but the shrimp meat tastes tough and has a strong fishy smell!

In fact, the fishy smell of boiled shrimp is very strong, which is caused by the wrong cooking method! For example, many friends are used to adding ginger or vinegar when cooking boiled shrimp, thinking that this can remove the fishy smell. It also makes the fishy smell more prominent!

Now many families can make this dish, so today I will tell you in detail how to make boiled shrimp soft and tender, with a fresh and sweet taste! Let’s take a look below!

Why do you say: Putting ginger and vinegar is wrong!

Let’s talk about putting ginger first! In cooking, ginger can indeed play a role in removing the smell of fish and mutton. Second, when cooking some cool food, ginger can be integrated into the coldness of the food! But when making shrimp, because ginger contains gingerol, it tastes very fishy.

Many friends use ginger to make shrimp. Although the fishy smell is reduced, the fresh and sweet taste of the shrimp itself cannot be tasted! It’s all ginger! So ginger is not recommended for cooked shrimp!

Also, put vinegar! When cooking, vinegar can not only remove the fishy smell, but also increase the freshness and taste, and accelerate the softening of meat. However, it is not advisable to add vinegar when boiling boiled shrimp!

Adding vinegar to the shrimp when cooking it can make the shrimp more tender and also make the shrimp taste less sour. Therefore, it is not recommended to add vinegar when cooking shrimp!

How to cook shrimp properly:

In fact, if you want cooked shrimp to taste sweet and soft, you only need two ingredients! One is salt and the other is onion!

Remove the curd skin from the whole onion, wash it and put it in the pot, then add two tablespoons of salt, add an appropriate amount of water, put it on the shrimp, and boil it in cold water for 2 minutes. at high temperature.

When cooking the shrimp, add green onion, because it can also remove the fishy smell, but the taste of the green onion will not overwhelm the guests, nor will it affect the taste of the shrimp! Adding salt increases the freshness and sweetness of the shrimp meat! The prawns cooked in this way not only have no fishy smell, but also have a bitter and smooth meaty taste, which is sweet and delicious!

How to store overcooked shrimp?

Sometimes there are too many dishes for meals or festivals, and it is inevitable that sometimes you eat too much boiled shrimp. Many friends directly stuff the plate into the fresh-keeping layer of the refrigerator, and take it out to warm up while eating. In fact, this approach is wrong! Because if you put the shrimp directly in the refrigerator, it will smell bad, and it is easy to breed bacteria.

The correct storage method is: if you have to wait until the next day to eat, put the shrimp in a fresh-keeping bag and put it in the refrigerator; eat it after a few days or ten days or half a month, let the shrimp boil in water and let it cool, and put it together with the shrimp Put it into a closed fresh-keeping box or a fresh-keeping bag, and put it in the freezer refrigerator, so that the frozen fresh shrimp meat will not dry out, and the taste will not change when eating shrimp again!


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