The 4 beggar’s favorite dishes for Northeasterners to drink: 1 to 3 I recognize The 4th Northeast can not be occupied

Regardless of people’s living conditions, being able to sit and drink two sips of wine with small dishes after a day’s work should be the most comfortable thing for many men. Especially in cold areas, sitting on a warm kang, putting a little side dish and drinking some shochu is simply the most comfortable thing in life.

Tofu with spring onions

In the impression of many people, most people living in the northeast are meatless, what kind of cauldron stew is the most common “hard dish” in the northeast, and the side dish with soju should also be like stewed pig’s trotters. But in fact, the small dishes eaten by Northeasterners are very simple, and tofu with green onions like this is the most common side dish in the Northeast.

Pickled pickles

The side dishes with wine in the northeast are called “beggars’ dishes” because these dishes are very simple, such as this pickle made by yourself, which is also a small dish for northeasterners to drink. The weather in the northeast is cold, and it is difficult for people to eat fresh vegetables in such a cold season, so they all pickle vegetables to make this pickle.



Northeasterners don’t pay attention to taste every day or two, they will put a few green onions next to them when eating noodle soup while nibbling, and it seems that it is not unusual to drink with garlic. However, this is still a particularly heavy taste for many outsiders, why can Northeasterners endure the taste of garlic?

Seriously, 1 to 3 kinds of side dishes are said to be exclusive to Northeasterners, and people recognize it, but this peanut rice is really not exclusive to Northeasterners. People in almost every place like to eat peanuts as an appetizer when they drink alcohol, and it is very refreshing and delicious. Do you like to drink? What do you like to use to make your dishes?

By Miu Le


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