The different lives of Vietnamese “queen” cats in the age of cats

Miss Huong Giang 

Miss Hai Duong 2006 Tran Thi Huong Giang (SN 1987) is a prominent face in many world beauty contests. Before that, in 2004, the beauty registered to participate in the Miss Vietnam contest but had to stop early. In 2006, continuing to try her luck in this national contest, she entered the top of the most beautiful people. 

In 2007, “the Queen” Dinh Mao represented Vietnam to participate in the Miss Asia contest. In 2009, at the Miss Vietnam Global contest held in the US, Huong Giang won the title of 2nd runner-up and with 2 sub-prizes, Miss Photo and Beauty Ao Dai. 

At the end of 2009, she continued to be nominated to represent Vietnam to participate in Miss World 2009 in South Africa, achieving high achievements: top 12 Miss Sea, 1 runner-up in a supermodel contest and top 16 finalists. .

Thanks to such good achievements, in 2010, the international beauty site Global Beauties announced that Huong Giang had won the title of Top 3 First Contemporary Beauties, Top 10 Beautiful Faces of the Year. After that, she was also named in the top 10 of Miss of Miss and the title of Miss of Miss Asia.

Being at the peak of her fame, the news that she held a wedding with her Chinese husband made the audience very surprised. The couple’s wedding was held at Phu Quoc beach with only 30 non-entertainer guests.

After getting married, Huong Giang moved back to the rear to spend time taking care of her husband and two small children. Therefore, she rarely appears in showbiz events . The mother of two is currently working in business and management. 

Miss Thuy Lam

Nguyen Thuy Lam (SN 1987) was named the first Miss Universe Vietnam. Also in 2008, she represented Vietnam in the Miss Universe pageant and entered the top 15 finalists. Long legs Thai Binh is Miss Universe Vietnam with the longest term, lasting up to 7 years because it was not until 2015 that the contest returned and found a successor, Miss Pham Huong.

Not ashamed of her “talent of integrity”, Miss Thuy Lam is active in both the fields of music, cinema and modeling. Her roles in films such as Passport to Life, Jealousy, Kieu Nu and Giants… all left an impression on the audience. 

In 2010, she suddenly got on a flower car with her longtime boyfriend, Dr. Like “Miss Hau” Huong Giang, Thuy Lam spends more time taking care of her small family. After many years of marriage and living together, she has always been pampered and cared for by her husband like when she was in love.

Living quietly behind the halo, currently, the beauty is doing business. Occasionally, she also participates in fashion events of close friends. 

Miss Nong Thuy Hang

The final night of the Miss Ethnic Vietnam 2022 contest took place on the evening of July 16, 2022, and named contestant Nong Thuy Hang (SN 1999), a Tay ethnic. Previously, beautiful Ha Giang tried at two contests Miss World Vietnam 2019 and Miss Vietnam 2020 but had to stop soon. 

Nong Thuy Hang used to be a student of Literature class during her high school years. In 11th grade, she won the third prize of National Excellent Student in Literature. Therefore, Thuy Hang was then recruited directly to the University. Currently, she is studying at the National Economics University.

After being crowned Miss Ethnicity of Vietnam, “Miss Hau” is constantly being “called out” in sensitive questions. However, soon after, Nong Thuy Hang’s side denied these incidents.

Sharing about the first New Year after being crowned with PV Dan Tri, she revealed: “Although I am the reigning Miss, when I return to my family, I am still a child in the eyes of grandparents and parents. This year, The whole family decided not to celebrate Tet in the city but returned to their hometown to celebrate New Year’s Eve with their grandmother and enjoy peaceful moments in the countryside.

In Hang’s hometown, pork is processed into many typical dishes of the Tay people such as lam meat, kitchen hanging meat, pork ribs, ginger salted meat… and part of it is to pack black banh chung with green beans. Around the 4th – 5th day of the New Year, the Tay people hold a festival to go to the fields. No matter what time of year, I still enjoy and feel most comfortable spending time with my loved ones.”

Miss Mai Phuong

Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong (SN 1999) won the crown of Miss World Vietnam in August 2022. In the coming May, the Dong Nai-born beauty will represent Vietnam to attend the Miss World 2023 contest.

Before that, she was crowned Miss Dong Nai University 2018. In the Miss Vietnam 2020 contest, she entered the top 5 finalists with the sub-award “Beauty of Mercy”.

“The Queen” Ky Mao has achieved many academic achievements in the subject of English. She won the second prize for excellent students at the provincial level in English in 2016 and the third prize in 2017. In the 11th grade, Mai Phuong achieved IELTS 6.5. Currently, she is studying English at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Ho Chi Minh City. At the beginning of April 2022, Mai Phuong obtained IELTS 8.0.

After the coronation, the beauty was constantly criticized by the public, considered to be lacking in standards compared to the beauty queen. She also apologized to the audience for her shortcomings.



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