This way of eating glutinous rice flour is too gluttonous. The fragrant glutinous skin is crispy and sweet but not greasy.

“Eating is a state of mind, what you eat is food, what you taste is life!” Welcome everyone to pay attention to Changchang Food Diary, only love and food can not be let down, cook food for the family by yourself, eat delicious and healthier!

Introduction: Don’t just wrap glutinous rice flour with glutinous rice balls, learn how to eat it. The glutinous skin is crispy and sweet but not greasy. Once you eat it, you will fall in love with it.

Eating glutinous rice flour often is good for nourishing and nourishing the stomach. It is very common to make breakfast with glutinous rice flour. Wrap your favorite stuffing in glutinous rice flour. Red bean paste, purple potato stuffing, etc. are all good choices , This time I want to share with you a purple sweet potato glutinous rice cake. The fragrant glutinous skin is crispy and sweet but not greasy. This kind of food is perfect for breakfast. You will fall in love with it once you eat it. It’s a good choice, it’s delicious and more satisfying. Next, I will share with you the recipe of purple sweet potato glutinous rice cakes. After learning this recipe, it will be more popular with family members than glutinous rice balls.

The practice of purple sweet potato glutinous rice cake:

Spare ingredients: 100 grams of glutinous rice flour, 62 grams of milk, 5 grams of fine sugar, 100 grams of purple sweet potato puree, 40 grams of warm water, 8 grams of condensed milk;

Production process: The first step is to clean the purple sweet potato first, put it into the pot with water, steam it and then peel it, add condensed milk and 20 grams of milk to the purple sweet potato while it is hot, and press it into a puree, as fine as possible , let the purple potato puree and milk fully mix;

Step 2: In a large bowl, put warm water, granulated sugar, glutinous rice flour and the rest of the milk, mix them, stir them evenly with chopsticks, and knead them into a smooth dough with moderate hardness;

Step 3: Divide the glutinous rice dough into small balls of 30 grams each, and the purple potato mash into 20 grams each. Take a portion of glutinous rice dumpling, press and flatten it with your hands, put in a purple sweet potato ball, and squeeze the mouth tightly with the mouth of a tiger;

The fourth step is to roll into a ball, press lightly to flatten, and the purple sweet potato glutinous rice cake embryo is ready. Next, start frying the small cakes. After heating the non-stick pan, spread butter on the bottom of the pan, and put the glutinous rice cake small fire slowly;

The fifth step is to fry the pancake over low heat until both sides are completely golden, and the edge of the pancake becomes transparent, which means it is cooked. Take it out. Follow this method to fry the remaining pancakes and start enjoy.

Editor’s summary: Don’t just cook glutinous rice balls and fried Yuanxiao with glutinous rice flour. It can withstand a variety of cooking. It is a very good choice to make glutinous rice pancakes. With various fillings that I like, glutinous rice pancakes are not only delicious but also valuable. It is also quite rich. The value of glutinous rice flour itself is very high, which is good for tonifying deficiency and invigorating the stomach. Purple sweet potatoes are used as fillings. Purple sweet potatoes are rich in anthocyanins, which are more valuable than ordinary vegetables. Therefore, this purple sweet potato glutinous rice cake is full of nutrition. It is fried and has a fragrant glutinous skin and crispy skin. People will fall in love with it once they eat it.

Cooking Tips:

1. When steaming purple sweet potatoes, you can choose according to your personal preference for peeling first and then steaming, steaming first and then peeling, or steaming whole and sliced. Time, so for friends who don’t have enough time, you can choose to slice and then steam this method;

2. Add milk and condensed milk to the purple potato mash, the taste will be more delicate, and the milk will be full of fragrance. To make glutinous rice dough, the liquid added in it needs to be determined according to the actual situation, and kneaded into a soft and hard dough, otherwise it is not easy to operate , because the glutinous rice dough is used as the outer skin, it is slightly larger than the purple potato filling, and it is easier to wrap;

3. If the kneaded glutinous rice dough is to be wrapped with purple sweet potato stuffing, when you see some cracks on the edges, you can add a little water or milk to knead it at this time, otherwise the small cakes will easily crack and affect the taste As well as aesthetics, fried glutinous rice cakes taste better with butter, of course, ordinary vegetable oil can also be used.



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