The thin and crispy method of pancake fruit is delicious when eaten alone, fragrant and crispy, and the method is very simple

When it comes to pancakes, everyone is familiar with them. If you want to talk about the soul of the pancake fruit, it must be the crispy one in the middle, which is thin, fragrant and crispy, crispy and delicious. In fact, this thin crisp is also delicious to eat alone. We will fry a lot during the New Year and holidays. We eat while watching TV. It is so delicious that we can’t stop. , and then put some sesame seeds, change a little pattern, and it becomes fried sesame leaves.

In fact, this crispy method is very simple, and it can be made with flour. We can’t go out to buy pancakes now, we can make them at home, but if we want to make pancakes, let’s learn how to make pancakes inside first. After that, I will share the recipe of pancake fruit with everyone, so that you can eat delicious pancake fruit without leaving home.

Today, I will share the crispy recipe and method with you. It is very good to make pancakes or eat alone. Friends who like it, let’s take a look. The thin and crispy method of pancake fruit is delicious when eaten alone, fragrant and crispy, and the method is very simple.


Ingredients: 250g flour, 2 eggs, 4g salt, 15ml cooking oil. Practice steps:

Step 1: Add salt to the flour, beat in 2 eggs, add 15ml of cooking oil, stir with chopsticks to form fluff, and then knead it into a smooth dough. This dough is not smooth at one time, we can cover it with a lid and wake up for 5 Minutes, then knead again, it is easy to knead smooth, cover the lid after the dough is kneaded and wake up for 5 minutes.

Step 2: After the dough wakes up, take it out and flatten it, use a rolling pin to roll it into a large pancake, the thinner the better, then fold the dough piece like a fan, cut it into several parts, unfold it, stack it up, and cut it into small pieces Rectangular noodles, and then facing each other, cut two knives in the middle, so that the thin and crispy embryos are ready.

Step 3: Heat the oil in a pan, heat the oil to 60% to 70% and fry it in the pan. The whole process is done on medium and low heat. After the noodles are placed in the pan, they will bubble immediately. It is very thin, turn it over twice, fry for half a minute and it will be cooked until golden and crispy.


1. The thinner the dough is, the better. The crispy texture will be more crispy.

2. Because the crisp is very thin, the oil temperature must be well controlled, not too high, the whole process should be medium and low fire, and the frying time should not be too long, otherwise it will be easy to fry, turn over twice, fry for half a minute and it will be out of the pan .

The thin crisp made in this way is very delicious whether it is eaten directly or sandwiched in the pancake fruit. It is fragrant and crispy. Friends who like it should try it quickly.



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