Women don’t want to age too fast, they should eat these 2 kinds of alkaline vegetables often, stimulate estrogen, and have a light body

 Women will not age too fast, eating these two kinds of alkaline vegetables often can stimulate estrogen and make the body light and beautiful!

Beauty is in our girl’s nature. Every woman wants to be beautiful, but there are many things in real life that female friends need to care about. I am very busy every day, and if I don’t take a break in time, I will age easily. We all know that we should eat more alkaline vegetables to maintain the body’s acid-base balance and balance metabolism. Today I want to share 2 delicious alkaline vegetables, let’s take a look.


Recommended Recipe: Corn Pancakes

Prepare ingredients:

corn, flour, sugar, eggs

specific method:

1. Remove the husk from the surface of the bought corn, and then clean the beard on the corn. After processing, wash and put on the chopping board. Use a knife to make a cut across the corn and place the kernels along that line. Peel it off. Break the corn kernels into a basin, wash and set aside;

2. Put corn kernels in the pot, wash the surface of the eggs and put them in, and add appropriate amount of sugar and flour. If you want white sugar, you don’t need much because corn has a sweet taste. Adding a little sugar oil can enhance the umami taste. Stir the ingredients well with chopsticks and set aside after stirring well.

The processed dough should not be too thick, like yogurt;

3. Prepare an electric baking pan and preheat the electric baking pan. Brush a layer of oil on the bottom of the pot, pour the corn paste into the pot, gently push it away with a spoon, and cook slowly in the pot;

4. When preparing tortillas, be sure to cook slowly over low heat. It is not easy to burn on low fire, and it is easy to cook in water. Fry the corn in a pan until browned on both sides. This tastes the crispiest. Take out the fried corn and set aside.


Recommended recipe: Stir-Fried Cabbage with Bacon

Prepare ingredients:

Bacon, Cabbage, Salt, Cooking Oil, Oyster Sauce

specific method:

1. Prepare a small piece of bacon. The bacon is mostly there for umami, so a small piece is fine. Rinse the cooked bacon with clean water, put the washed bacon into the pot, add water and blanch for one minute. Blanching can better remove the taste inside. After blanching, remove and wash, then place on a cutting board and cut into small pieces. Set the sliced ​​bacon aside;

2. Prepare a cabbage. This kind of cabbage is relatively common in the market now, and you can buy it for a few cents. After the cabbage is ready, wash the surface, cut it in half, then break it into small pieces by hand, and put it aside for later use;

3. Pour oil into the pot, put the bacon into the pot, and stir-fry over low heat. Bacon usually has some fat, so we put it in a pan first and fry it over low heat. After frying the excess fat, it will not taste greasy. After the bacon in the pan is fried, we pour the cabbage into it;

4. The water content of cabbage is quite high. After it is put into the pot, it can be fried on medium and high heat, but it needs to be stirred more. Because it is different from ordinary green vegetables, it will ooze water, but it will gradually become soft. Stir frequently during frying. After the cabbage in the pot is fried, we pour in salt and oyster sauce. After the spices are put in place, stir fry evenly with a spatula, and fry until the aroma is released;

5. Put the cabbage into the pan and fry until it becomes soft and the surface is very shiny, then it can be taken out of the pan. Some people add a little water when frying the cabbage to make it more cooked, but it is not necessary. Cabbage must be fried slowly, the taste is delicious when it comes out of the pan. If you add water, the bok choy will be overcooked, possibly less flavorful, and will reduce the flavor.

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